Best Supported Living Provider in the North West 2019

We Support are proud to have been awarded the Best Supported Living Provider 2019 in the North West Region Region in the Global Health & Pharma 2019 Social Care Awards!

Following on from our award from Global Health and Pharma in 2017 for Best Supported Living Provider in the Cheshire Region and our continued expansion of our services throughout 2018 to now working with four different local authority areas across the North West of England we were nominated for the award of Best Supported Living Provider for the entire North West Region and we are pleased to have been successfully awarded that accolade.

The Global Health and Pharma Social Care Awards recognise those providing extra care and support to those in need of practical or emotional assistance, helping them lead an active life and enabling them to retain their independence and dignity in a truly award worthy vocation. GHP Magazine provides these accolades to those worthy of praise.

As awareness of mental health issues increases, and lifespans are growing longer, the need for social care services is skyrocketing globally. Although the people who rise to meet this demand don’t do it for commendation, GHP Magazine still believe in highlighting the distinguished efforts and endeavours of those organisations and individuals, who aid some of society’s most vulnerable citizens.

They recognise social care providers who facilitate the dignified daily living of children, adults or the elderly, in either physical, emotional or mental capacities; provide equipment which makes life easier, or inspect and monitor facilities.