Cheshire West and Chester

We Support now offer Supported Living Services in Cheshire West and Chester
We Support are one of Cheshire West and Chester council’s approved providers of Supported Living Services to adults with learning disabilities. We Support offer innovative care packages for all levels of disability with a heavy focus on family involvement.

We Support operate services throughout West Cheshire covering all strategic locations within the local authority including Winsford, Northwich, Ellesmere Port and Chester.

In 2011, the BBC Panorama programme exposed appalling and horrendous acts of physical and psychological abuse, as well as inexcusable and irrefutable acts of neglect and omissions of basic care in a residential care home for people with learning disabilities and challenging behaviour, known as the Winterbourne Scandal. June 2011 saw the conviction of 11 care workers. Shortly following, a Serious Case Review was published, as well as an official statement from the Association of Supported Living, which both stated and recommended that people with learning disabilities should be more suitably placed in community settings, to replace out-dated and non-person-centred institutions like Winterbourne View.


We Support offer adults with learning disabilities the chance to receive the support and care they may need, in their own homes, within a local community setting. Far from the outdated, yet sadly not redundant, institution style residential homes and ward hospitals, where “residents” and “patients” compete for support and care amongst a large amount of other individuals in a very structural and governed setting, which may be appropriate for some individuals, but not necessarily people with learning disabilities and communication difficulties,  We Support offer support in an individual’s own home, giving the individual autonomy and control over where they live, who they live with and how they live their lives.

There are various ways in which a person may be supported, whilst living in their own homes. A few examples include;

  • Living with their family or relatives and receiving care from We Support in their home and/or accessing a day service with We Support, accessing the community regularly and participating in various activities of there choosing. This could consist of 24 hour support or a few hours a day/week, often know as “outreach” support.
  • Our most common model of support, known as SUPPORTED LIVING, involves an individual living as a tenant in their own home, quite often shared with other tenant whom also require a similar level of support and whom have similar needs. This allows for 24hour support, due to reduced costings due to shared support, for individuals whom are not granted the funds by their local authority to receive this level of support living by themselves or with family members. We Support Limited offer a full day service of meaningful activities and developmental goals, as well as 24hour sleep in staff and a 24 hour on-call service. Service Users and family members lead the process of identifying a suitable home, suitable landlord and suitable co-tenants.
  • Living in their own owned or privately rented home, receiving hourly or 24hour sleep in support from We Support. However, it should be noted that We Support can only provide the amount of hour of support agreed by the commissioners and local authority, and 24 dedicated support may not be allocated to one individual, thus a shared tenancy may be appropriate for individuals whom require this level of support. Albeit, for individuals whom are assessed as requiring their own environment, We Support are able to cater to this and support in finding suitable accommodation such as self-contained

We Support Limited have networks and good relations with a number of social landlords in the North West. We are able to mediate in assisting a service users, family members and/or commissioners in finding an appropriate property with a social landlord whom is experienced in letting to people with learning disabilities and complex and whom are content with allowing relevant adoptions to be made to an individual’s home, some which may be physical, structural alterations. This may include a new property, or a property which is already lived in by other individual’s whom We Support offer services to. The service user, as well as current service user’s living in the property will have the final say in who they want to live with.

Our Supported Living Services aim to facilitate the opportunity for adults to maintain a level of independence and opportunity for growth that most people are given when transitioning to adulthood, when they move into their own homes.

Some of the services we are able to provide support and opportunities and encouragement for development and independence include;

  • Personal Care
  • Finances, Budgeting and Claiming Benefits
  • Finding employment
  • Cooking
  • Cleaning and Domestic Tasks
  • Seeking Further Educational Opportunities
  • Health, Wellbeing and Physical Fitness
  • Medication Administration and Monitoring
  • Participating in Meaningful Activities and Hobbies
  • Regular Community Access

The above states just some of the services we can provide to the people we support. We are able to tailor and cater out services to the needs of the individuals