Day Services

All of the Supported Living services that we provide come with the option of an ‘in house’ day services programmes whereby We Support offer Community Access, Individual Social Activities, Group Based Social Activities and Social Interactions with peers as part of each and every week thus removing the need for an individual to attend a separate Day Service during the day.

The main benefit of utilising our day time support services is the consistency of support staff for the individual in that they will have the same support staff during their morning routine, during their daytime social activities and finishing off with the night time routine. When accessing an independent day service provider an individual will typically see and work with a large number of different support staff throughout their day which will include support staff at their supported living placement, transport staff for the journey to day services and then a number of different support staff at a day centre.

The other benefit to We Support Day Services is the freedom of choice an individual has due to our person centred approach. Typical day services offer a set activity schedule of group activities whereby an individual is given the choice of either attending the group activity on that day or remaining at the day centre and not participating in the daily activity. At We Support we offer a multitude of choices to an individual to ensure that should they wish to access the community they are able to and we do this by offering a choice of individual activities every day of the week alongside the option to participate in group based activities when they are operated during the week. This means that should an individual not wish to participate in any of the group based activities that are in operation on a particular day we can still offer a wide range of individual activities that they may wish to participate in with the support of their staff.

We Support Day Services combined with our Supported Living Services give the individuals we support a much greater freedom of choice and consistency of support than traditional Day Centres.

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