Outreach Services

We Support Limited are able to offer support when and how you want it. This includes the option of just receiving a few hours of support each day or week. It may be that an individual accesses a day service from We Support, perhaps joining up with other people that We Support provide services to on days out, or having their own tailored activity schedule and support team.

As we acknowledge that each person’s support needs are unique to them, We Support are flexible in the way in which we offer our services and we deviate away from traditional “one fits all” models, rather, keeping an open mind to the ways in which our services can be offered.

Outreach Support offers a short respite break for both the person supported and their primary carer or team of carers which is beneficial to both parties. During the period of outreach support we can focus our efforts on any outcomes you wish however the most common focus of Outreach Support is usually on social interaction through community based social activities. This can be either individual person centered activities, participation in group based activity sessions with other individuals at We Support or a combination of the two, every We Support Outreach programme is tailored to the individuals likes and dislikes.

To view a selection of the community based social activities we offer click here.