Transition Work

We Support are able to work collaboratively with; service users, family members, friends, advocates and representatives, other service providers, day time and educational services, social workers, commissioners and all others involved in the life of an individual, in order to facilitate and aid the transition of an individual.

An individuals may transition from;

  •  Another provider, whereby there needs are no longer met
  • From living at home with parents
  • From living independently but not coping without support
  • Education placements and children’s services.

When most people reach adulthood, they move on from their family homes, and we believe that for individual’s with a learning disability, this should also be  an opportunity available to them. A chance for further independence, growth and development, as well as giving family members and parents some support and respite.

We Support believe in a transition that is person centered, and has input from all involved. We encourage taking a lead from the service user or the people in their life who know them best. For instance, for some, a long transition of several weeks or even months may be necessary, in order to facilitate visits, shadow shifts, adapting an individuals environment if they are moving accommodation, whereas, for others, this could potentially cause stress, anxiety and uncertainty and so a very swift  transition of services may be required. Our transitional coordinator will tailor the moving of services, either to or from We Support, in order to adapt to the needs and preferences of the individual and any others who are involved.